What We Do

We at Seventech Labs have mastered the skill of developing mobile application that suits the customers needs. Be it B2B or B2C mobile application development, we deliver exactly that is required for the customer. We also have expertise in developing the necessary backend infrastructure for the mobile apps with technologies like php, python, nodejs and angular 6.0.

We have taken the mobile app to the next level by equiping ourself with Augmented Reality expertise.

Our Expertise

SDK Development

Partnering with a technology company in bangalore, india we executed a sub-contract project for developing SDK’s for both Android and iOS platforms. Successfully executed the project for more than 3 years.

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B2C app development

We have good experience in developing B2C apps. We make sure it meets the industry standards in terms of performance, user experience and security. B2C apps requires a solid backend infrastructre, with which we have very good expertise building it using web technologies like php(laravel framework), nodejs and python.

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IOT app

Executed as a sub-contract for a bangalore company. The mobile app had to connect to OBD2 adapters via bluetooth. Received appreiation for successful completion of the work.

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Augmented Reality & AI

Augmented Reality is the next generation technology that is revolutionising the way mobile apps are been used now. We have hands-on experience in working with Augmented Reality libraries like ARCore, ARKit, Vuforia and EasyAR. We have done applications for Education, Hospitality, Manufacturing industries and Real Estates.

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