Our Expertise

Augmented reality is the overlaying of digital information (such as videos, graphics and images) onto the real world. AR redefines all our conventional apps and practises by giving an immersive experience which is used for various business use cases to enhance their productivity and user experience.

Our Expertise

Real Estate Companies

We have developed an application, which will project the 3D model of the home when scanned a floorplan from a mobile device. The user can navigate through the 3D model, experience the 360 view of the rooms and the home, reposition the objects inside the home and change colors. The amentities nearby, locality informations are also made available. Facility to contact is also made instantly available for the users to initiate bookings.


Learning experiences of the students have been taken to the next step by projecting 3D interactive models for learning. We have experience in developing and deploying such solutions in the educational institutions.

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Manufacturing Industries

We build Augmented Reality solutions tailored to different Industry usecases. Our AR solutions help your customers to virtually observe and interact with your machines. We also develop applications catered to training the employees.

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