Augmented Reality for Decorators

Sales Persons use AR app to make a sale,instead of printed media

Reduces sales cycle as customers get to visualise and interact

About Us

We are a team of developers who are passionate about developing Augmented Reality applications, which revolutionises the way the things are done today.

Manage Client Expectations

  • DecAR enables realistic visualisations of how imagined and existing decors will look like physically in the customer’s real environment.
  • Customers can experiment/customise with design elements and define how finished rooms will look, before committing to choices of decors.
  • By allowing users to test out a major purchase through AR, brands are able to cut down on returns and boost customer satisfaction.
  • 61% of shoppers prefer stores which offer augmented reality experiences. If shoppers could experience product in AR, 71% would return more often and 40% would pay more - Retail Perceptions

Sell your big ideas

  • Realistic visualisations of your decors makes purchases faster and more confident choices from your customers.
  • 3D building-models have the accuracy of scale and detail to aid designers, but they don’t necessarily look that realistic to the nonprofessional buyer . When using AR, potential buyers make confident and faster choices.
  • This enables the sales persons to educate the customer about their capabilities and engages the customer with more contents thus increasing the chances for a sale and an opportunity to upsell their assets.
  • Get real-time position of the sales person where a sale is made and ability to generate quotation
  • Augmented Reality Websites

  • Integrate Augmented Reality in your website, this reduces the burden of downlaoding an app to experience the AR
  • Websites are made interactive and engaging like never before, with AR integration
  • Working with fast turn-arounds

  • Prospective buyers may be able to conduct physical viewings, but they can save time and expense by completing highly realistic, AR-driven inspections. AR makes the process more authentic—and accessible.
  • The client has early visibility of what the completed project will look like, and hence will not need to request changes during later stages.
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