A kiosk will be kept at the stores, for the customers to try-on jewels when they come to the stores.

Value Ads :

When the store counters are busy during rush hours, the kiosks are very handy in handling the customers.

Any jewellery which are not present physically at the store can be tried by using the kiosk.

Seamless try-on experience as its faster and physical handling of the jewels are avoided. Once the desired design is selected then the physical try-on can be done.

Ahua - Website/App integration

If having an own mobile app/website, the virtual try-on feature alone will be integrated into your own existing website/mobile app.

Value ads :

Customers while browsing through the designs in your website/mobile app, will now be able to try the jewels on them, this not only enhances the digital experience of the customers but also makes the online shopping more effective.

This will enable the customers to try-on your jewellery from remote location [example from their home itself or even from overseas] and order online.

Ahua - Marketplace

Ahua Marketplace is our own B2C platform like amazon, mantra. We connect the customers and the jewelers on a single platform, its an mobile app which will list all the jewellery vendors in the app. Marketplace is an apt option for small scale jewellery vendors/custom jewellery designers.

Value Ads :

Visibility increases for the vendors as we market the app ourselves to the users.

The app enables the users to try-on the jewels from our app itself from whereever they are.

Small scale vendors/ custom jewel designers need not have the physical designs for their users to experience their designs